Disadvantages of Prescription Sleep Aids

When you are struggling with the effects of a severe case of insomnia, it’s a natural reaction to want relief so badly that you will go to the doctor to get one of the prescription sleep aids claiming to be the ultimate insomnia cure. Like any drug or treatment you pick up at the pharmacy, it’s important to be fully aware of what exactly you are taking and what kind of side effects are possible with your sleep aid prescription. If more people studied up on the ingredients in those drugs and the potential side effects, the chances are really good that they wouldn’t be so willing to take them. Here’s a quick look at why natural sleep aids are a better choice than a doctor prescribed medication.

  • harmful side effects
  • inability to sleep without the medicine
  • potential allergic reactions or drug interaction

For years the one of the only sleep aid products available was the nytol brand. Hot on its heels came the new sleep aids in either over the counter or prescription forms. For a while it looked as if these products had all the answers. Then people began developing a dependence on those chemicals. Addiction isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, however enough people have developed a serious dependence on these medications that it’s a good idea to consider avoiding anything remotely known to cause this type of problem. For a safe sleep aid, many people are turning to all natural products.

Another type of reaction to many of the national sleep products has been users are finding themselves unable to sleep without their medication. Sleep aids are intended to be used temporarily to help a person through their insomnia. While they are able to get rest, a solution should be found for the underlying cause of the sleep issues. Far too often the prescription is written, filled, and then little to no follow up care is offered.

If you take any type of medication on a regular basis, a prescription sleep aid may interact badly with it. Among other reasons, this is one of the big ones many people cite for their decision to use natural, non prescription sleep aids. They simply don’t want to gamble with their health.

Choosing to take prescription sleep aids is up to you. However you should be aware that there are other options available. One of the best sleep aid products you can use is Sleep So Good.