The Benefits of a Melatonin Sleep Aid

Those in tune with nature and the human body will say that we are born equipped with all of the healing properties we will need in life. What isn’t produced within our bodies can be supplemented through natural, safe means. Whether or not you agree with this philosophy, there is no doubting the incredibly beneficial features of a melatonin sleep aid. In order to understand why this substance, already produced in the body, is so helpful for eliminating insomnia and other sleep problems, you have to know a little about it and where to get it.

  • where it is produced and its function
  • added benefits
  • melatonin as a sleep aid

One of the major reasons melatonin is considered an all natural sleep aid is because this substance is produced in the pineal gland located in the brain. When the eyes send the message to the brain that darkness is falling, the pineal gland releases melatonin. It is responsible for regulating our wake and sleep cycles. No one is sure why, but studies suggest that older people may not produce as much melatonin as they did when they were younger and this may be the leading cause of insomnia in older adults. That definitely doesn’t mean that younger people can’t be affected as well. Using a product containing melatonin is a great way to aid natural sleep.

In addition to being a non addictive sleep aid, a melatonin sleep aid may have other healthy benefits as well. Recent studies have suggested that people who use this type of product find beneficial results in an overall feeling of wellness and it is thought it might strengthen the immune system and reduce the number of free radicals hanging out in the body. Currently there are numerous research projects going on to determine if melatonin can help with delayed sleep disorders and jet lag. In the future this research could prove to be very helpful to a lot of people with those conditions.

If you want to use a melatonin supplement to help you sleep at night, the key thing to look for is a natural sleeping aid. Check the ingredient label to be sure you aren’t taking any man made chemicals into your body and to be sure that it does indeed contain melatonin.

A melatonin sleep aid could be the difference between a healthy night sleep and a drug induced one. As a nighttime sleep aid, consider using the all natural product Sleep So Good instead of one of the potentially habit forming over the counter or prescription sleep aids.