Alternatives to Prescription Sleep Aids

You probably haven’t thought much about prescription sleep aids use unless you have been in a position where you need one. Ambian sleep aid is a popular one out now and so is the sonata sleep aid. Regardless of which brand sleep aid you are prescribed, it’s important to know that there are other options available for insomnia relief. Prescription sleep aids don’t target the underlying problem for the sleepless nights in the first place. Until you resolve that issue, and find healthy sleep aid products, your restless nights won’t end anytime soon.

  • lack of melatonin
  • too much daily stress
  • unhealthy diet

Melatonin is a chemical naturally produced in the brain that helps to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. This substance can be thrown off for a variety of reasons. Some studies suggest that as a person ages, they may begin to produce less of the stuff. It’s easy to see why that could result in restless nights. You aren’t going to find melatonin in many prescription sleep aids’ ingredient lists. Using natural sleep aids to replace this lack is a safer, healthier option.

We all have stress to contend with. There are times though, when this daily occurrence just gets to be too much to deal with. Your mind spins a mile a minute and no matter how hard you try, sleep is as elusive as ever. There is certainly no way you can completely eliminate stress from your world, but you can learn helpful techniques to control it. Mediation, breathing techniques, and a good safe nighttime sleep aid will all work wonders in helping you get some much needed sleep.

We have all heard the wealth of information out there about what is and what isn’t a healthy diet. Our purpose here isn’t to set you on a diet for life, but knowing some key components to eating well can help with your sleeping problems. Eating too late in the day can lead to indigestion, which can disrupt your sleep. Also it is important to limit your alcohol consumption right before bed.

Prescription sleep aids aren’t the only last resort anymore. Sleep aid drugs have been replaced by more natural, safe means. Do some research on your own to discover a more holistic approach to sleeping well and living well. Sleep So Good is a good place to start.