Advantages of Herbal Sleep Aids

There are people who instinctively shy away from any kind of chemically based sleep aid and those who are willing to try anything just to get some sleep. No one is judging, but the people who choose to use herbal sleep aids are certainly on to something. Natural sleeping aids have a lot going for them. Many people who use them feel more secure in the knowledge that they aren’t adding a relatively unknown, at least to them, substance in their bodies. Here are a few very good reasons for choosing herbal sleep aids over chemical ones any day.

  • avoid harmful addiction
  • fewer worries about drug interaction
  • no morning after grogginess

It’s true that the manufacturers of over the counter and prescription sleep aids have worked hard in recent history to decrease the percentage of people who become addicted to their products. They deserve credit for that, but there are still many people who do become dependant on these products. They either develop a drug addiction in the truest sense of the phrase or find themselves unable to go or stay asleep without the pill. Neither one of these options is the way a person wants to live their life. It is simply smarter to use one of the safe sleep aids.

It is unfortunate truth that many people have to take prescription drugs for their health. While the prescription is working in their favor, there are potential risks involved with adding others into the mix. Of course even people with a chronic illness have to aid sound sleep for their health by whatever means necessary. To avoid any unpleasant side effects, it may be wiser to use a natural sleep aid.

Another side effect that you won’t get from using a melatonin sleep aid is that unpleasant morning after grogginess. While chemical based products may help you get to and stay asleep, many users complain of feeling lethargic and groggy in the mornings. Since melatonin has been reported to help people feel more energized in the mornings. Combined with sleep aid herbs, melatonin can give you a good night’s sleep and leave you feeling refreshed when it’s time to get up.

The herbal sleep aids really have nothing that isn’t going for them. Sleep So Good is an excellent example of this. This product is great for naturally getting restful sleep. Use prescription sleep aids if you have to, but know there are better options.