Risks of Prescription Sleep Aid

If you are like most people when something is wrong with your health you go to see a doctor. We are taught that those well educated people have all the answers to what ails you. Of course every doctor is different, but in the case of insomnia, a prescription sleep aid isn’t necessarily the right way to go for you. As stated, some doctors will help you look for a less medicated way to solve the problem. There are a lot of very good reasons for trying to avoid the prescription sleep aid side effects. So you can make an educated decision about your health, here are a few of the potential side effects that sometimes go along with these types of sleep aids.

  • potential medication interaction
  • dependency and addiction
  • consider more natural methods

For the most part, doctors and pharmacists try very hard to make sure there is no harmful drug interaction in your drug portfolio. But it does sometimes happen. Prescription sleep aids aren’t the exact science the drug companies want you to believe and everyone responds differently to the medications. One sleep aid, Lunesta, has been designed to be gentler on the body systems, but you will want to try natural sleep aids first. The goal these drugs are trying to accomplish is to replace the hormone sleep aid melantonin. The only way to do that is through natural means, since it is a natural substance.

Like many prescription drugs, the sleep aids can be habit forming. This can mean anything from a true drug addiction to a dependence on the compound to get to sleep at night. Neither scenario is healthy or good for you. Naturally you don’t want to have to take a pill for the rest of your life just to get a good night’s sleep. This is just another reason to carefully make your sleep decision with the present and future both in mind.

There is nothing wrong with seeing your doctor about a sleeping problem. However before you grab that prescription, why not take some time to try out some of the herbal sleep aids currently available? For that matter, there are other methods to encourage sleep as well. One great, non medical idea is music as a sleep aid. Many people find listening to soothing music right before bed to be helpful.

Prescription sleep aids are effective, but the risks can be pretty high. Consider using an all natural product like Sleep So Good instead. This is often more effective than over the counter sleep aids and anything your doctor can prescribe.