Menopause And Insomnia Doesn’t Need To Ruin Your Nights!

Do you want better sleep? Are you suffering from menopause and insomnia? Do you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep at night due to pre menopause insomnia? If insomnia due to menopause has been going on regularly for weeks and months, then you are suffering from the sleep disorder known as insomnia. Insomnia during menopause doesn’t need to wreck your life. You can get better sleep with the right insomnia treatment.

There are different types of insomnia. Jet lag and change of lifestyles can cause transient insomnia. This is a short term and easily corrected condition. Time will generally get your sleep cycle back to normal. There is also intermittent insomnia, which often happens infrequently. This can be caused by stress or just having a bad day. Chronic insomnia can cause major problems though.

Whether you are in full menopause insomnia or in perimenopause insomnia stages, it’s important to seek natural relief. Most types of insomnia treatment focus on the cause of the sleep disorder.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in your brain which helps regulate the sleep cycle. Taking small amounts of the synthetic melatonin an hour before you go to bed will help get the sleep cycle back on track. A proper diet and relaxation exercise are a few other treatments to help with your sleep disorder associated with menopause. Avoid any stimulants that may be keeping you awake.

People often use sleep medication to help get that natural sleep they are craving. Sleeping pills are one of the main methods of treating chronic insomnia. However, sleeping pills are highly addictive and have many side effects! Once you quit using a prescription sleep medication, then the insomnia comes right back. With time and effort, you can find the insomnia treatment for you. You do not have to let menopause and insomnia wreck your life. There are natural treatment options available!